Project 2020
Take Back Control

In the recent legislative session of New Mexico, we saw our God-given rights be eroded by the Roundhouse Radicals who overreached into our lives. We cannot accept this as the new status quo, we must stand and Take Back Control of our lives, our rights, and our New Mexico.

I for one will not stand idly by and watch these Bloomberg funded radicals continue their dangerous reach to take away our way of life. Will you join me by supporting New Mexico Shooting Sports and their new effort:
PROJECT 2020 | NMSSA will:

– Call out the legislators who voted to strip away our rights
– Educate the public about what is at stake and the forces we face
– Remind New Mexico that the 2020 election is the last stand

Click below to begin your investment in Project 2020 by donating $20 a month through the end of 2020 so NMSSA can help us Take Back Control of the state we love.

Stand with me. Stand with the Sheriffs and let’s kick off Project 2020 the right way. Your passion, dedication, and investment will go a long way in making the difference as we Take Back Control from the radicals in Santa Fe!

Zac Fort, President