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TCCC Medical Class

As mentioned on our Facebook page, this is not sponsored by NMSSA but may be of interest to many members. Shawn Herrin is teaching the Tactical Combat Casual Care class in Albuquerque on August 26, 2017. If you or someone you know are interested in attending this class please sign up here and use discount code abqnm for $50.00 off.

We've lost one of our own

Major Bill Barker, long the Junior Activities Officer for NMSSA, passed away on July 11, 2017. Major Barker watched more than 80 of his JROTC cadets attend various service academies. He will be greatly missed within NMSSA, APS, the marksmanship community, and his friends and family. More details here.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held Saturday, June 10, 2017. A quorum was present for both the board meeting and the general membership meeting. The new slate of officers can be found on the Contacts page. There were no bylaw changes proposed.

Bloomberg Reemerges to Shower Cash on Antigun Causes

7:00AM MONDAY, MAY 01, 2017

In 2014, Billionaire Michael Bloomberg pledged $50 million to "take on the NRA." Three years later, America's embrace of Second Amendment rights is as strong as ever, and pro-gun sentiments dominate both chambers of Congress, the White House, and the bulk of state legislatures and governor's mansions.

A Politico article published [recently], however, reports the former New York City mayor is poised to throw bad money after good with another $25 million infusion of cash to help elect anti-gun politicians in the 2018 election cycle and fight passage of a federal concealed carry reciprocity bill.

Politico's inaccurate description of what such a bill would do aptly illustrates how media mogul Bloomberg hopes to use the antigun press to promote his phony gun control message. "That measure," the article claims, "would effectively loosen gun laws significantly by holding gun owners to the laws of their own state when carrying their weapons in other states, no matter how different the laws are in, for example, Texas versus New York."

In fact, the pending concealed carry reciprocity bills would not change any state law. They would simply mean that if a Texan (to use Politico's example) who was lawfully licensed in the Lone Star State were to travel to New York, his Texas license would have to be recognized as valid.

But the real issue for Bloomberg is not federalism or even public safety. Rather, as his Everytowns John Feinblatt told Politico, it's the fear that a national reciprocity law would "normalize carrying guns in public."

News flash, Mr. Feinblatt. That ship has sailed.

America has already embraced the idea of carrying concealed handguns in public for self-defense as a matter of right. It's the law in 42 U.S. states, and the trend since 1987 has been for states to increase the freedom to carry within their own borders and broaden recognition of nonresident permits.

You might even say the bearing of arms for self-defense was officially "normalized" with the ratification of the Second Amendment on Dec. 15, 1791.

Places like New York City are the true outliers. A more accurate description of what Bloomberg hopes to accomplish is to "normalize" New York City values across the rest of America.

But whatever can be said of the Big Apple, it does not represent the country at large. And Bloomberg's unfamiliarity with - and contempt for - the rest of the country beyond his island habitat is precisely why he continues to fail in his bid to influence public opinion.

Yet however cartoonishly and maniacally controlling Bloomberg comes across to ordinary Americans, he is still a very, very wealthy man.

And money talks loudly in politics.

So we shouldn't dismiss the threat of his ego or his riches when it comes to our rights.

Michael Bloomberg is one man with many billions. And we, the people of the NRA, are many millions with one goal: the protection of the right to keep and bear arms.

One vote at a time, one membership at a time, we must continue to secure our liberties and make sure Mr. Big City Bloomberg has nothing more to show for his efforts than tax write-offs and fawning editorials from the New York Times.

2017 National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action. This may be reproduced. This may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.

New Mexico Lawmakers Adjourn Sine Die After Rejecting Bloomberg Gun Control Bills


As the legislative session gaveled to a close today, state lawmakers shut the lid on gun control bills pushed by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his national anti-gun groups. Out of state gun control organizations targeted New Mexico during the 2016 election cycle and in the early months of 2017, spending more than a quarter of a million dollars on state races and hiring a half-dozen lobbyists in a failed attempt to pass House Bill 50, Senate Bill 48 and House Bill 548 -- measures to criminalize firearm sales and transfers by private individuals.

The New Mexico Sheriffs' Association stood alongside gun owners and sportsmen in opposing these bills. In a statement, the sheriffs said, "These measures would make it harder for law-abiding New Mexicans to exercise their Second Amendment rights, waste scarce law enforcement resources, and do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals... this scheme would be unenforceable without creating a gun registry."

New Mexico agricultural groups also vigorously opposed the legislation, viewing it as an outside attack on rural values and the state's deep-rooted gun culture.

"The people of New Mexico have soundly rejected the gun control agenda of New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg. They sent a clear message to lawmakers in Santa Fe that freedom must be protected," said Chris W. Cox, Executive Director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. "This is a hard-earned grassroots victory for law-abiding citizens against Bloomberg's intrusive and unenforceable attempt to restrict their rights."

Thank you to all NRA members who attended hearings, made phone calls and sent emails in opposition to these bills throughout the session!

On Friday night, the House also rejected SB 337, which would have banned the open carrying of firearms at the Roundhouse, on a 31-35 vote.

Legislative Updates

For simplicity and ease of updates, relatively frequent updates from this year's long session of the Legislature can be found on our Facebook page.

Updated CMP certificate

The new CMP Certificate is available. Remember, your membership in NMSSA, as a CMP affiliate, allows you to purchase items from the CMP stores.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held Saturday, July 23, 2016. A quorum was present for both the board meeting and the general membership meeting.

The slate of officers was elected as previously presented on the ballot email. The Vice President position is open as the volunteer for that position was ineligible. Gayle can appoint someone to that position, so let her know if you're willing to volunteer.

We'll have the minutes from the meeting here soon.

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NMSSA Mission
Since there appears to be some confusion on the mission of NMSSA, which includes far more than just legislative issues, here is the relevant detail from the by-laws of the association:

    The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation which has the following purposes:
    SECTION 1. To promote social welfare and public safety, law and order, and the national defense; to educate and train citizens of good repute in the safe and efficient handling of small arms, and in the technique of design, production and group instruction; to increase the knowledge of small arms and promote efficiency in the use of such arms on the part of members of law enforcement agencies, of the armed forces and of citizens who would be subject to service in the event of war; and to encourage the lawful ownership and use of small arms by citizens of good repute.
    SECTION 2. To promote good sportsmanship; and to foster the conservation and wise use of our renewable wildlife resources.
    SECTION 3. To promote competitive shooting events.
    SECTION 4. To serve as the Official State Association of the National Rifle Association of America, and to cooperate with other organizations of good repute in carrying out activities of mutual benefit.
    SECTION 5. To coordinate and encourage the efforts of member clubs, individuals and the general public in the fields of firearms safety, marksmanship training and recreational shooting.

NRA ILA Daily News
The NRA ILA has a couple of great websites to get regular updates on firearms rights issues. You can sign up for their daily emails or check out the latest news and issues.
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Article Two of the Bill of Rights, ratified December 15, 1791 as the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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