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NMSSA adds new PARLER Social Media to its arsenal to help defend our 2nd Amendment rights.


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Schedule of Events, 2021

January 30           Annual Meeting

February 20, 21 Workdays, tentative, depends on the weather

March 6                New member orientation, gate combo change

March 20             Work day

March 27, 28      High power league

April 3                   Long range league

April 11                 Smallbore prone league

April 24                 High power league

April 25                 Garand/Vintage/Military

May 1                    Long range league

May 9                    Smallbore prone league

May 22, 23          High power league

May 29                 80 shot X course fun Garand match

June 5                   Long range league

June 12, 13          New Mexico State Smallbore Prone Championship, conventional

June 20                 Smallbore prone league

June 26                 High power league

June 27                 Garand/Vintage/Military

July 3                     Long range league

July 10                   Work day

July 11                   Smallbore prone league

July 16, 17, 18    New Mexico State High Power Championship

August 7, 8          The F Class Regional at Capitan

August 15            Smallbore prone league

August 28            High power league

August 29            Garand/Vintage/Military

September 4      Long range league

Sept. 11, 12         Smallbore clinic

Sept. 18                Work day

Sept. 19                Smallbore prone league

Sept. 24, 25, 26 The High Power Regional at Capitan

October 2, 3       New Mexico State F Class Championship

October 9, 10     Smokey Bear Regional Smallbore Prone Championship, conventional

October 17          Smallbore prone league

October 23          High power league

October 24          Garand/Vintage/Military


Please keep in mind that we hope to add 4H/junior smallbore and trap at some point TBD.

There will be days added for law enforcement training/qualification

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